Research Team

Isabelle Roskam, PhD
is the mother of five children, and professor in developmental psychology at the department of Psychological Sciences at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL). She leads studies on child development and parenting Since 2004, the research program "H2M Children" focuses on the development and care of so-called "difficult" children Since 2006, the "Becoming a Parent" program focuses on the transition to parenthood. And since 2014, the program "BParent" studies the nature, causes and consequences of parental burnout. Isabelle Roskam spent 10 years as a clinician at Saint Luc University Clinics in Brussels. She is now responsible for Psychological Consultations in Parenting at UCL.

Moïra Mikolajczak, PhD
is the mother of Louise, and professor in psychology of emotions and health at the department of Psychological Sciences at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL). As an internationally recognized expert in the field of emotional skills, she has published several reference books on the subject. Today, her studies focus on the development of programs to improve emotional skills and on the links between emotions and health. In 2014, she initiated a research program on burnout, one of which focuses on parental burnout.

Maria-Elena Brianda
is interested in the issue of parental burnout. She lead a large longitudinal prospective study to identify antecedents and consequences of parental burnout. From her research results and interviews with parents in burnout, she is currently developing interventions whose effectiveness will be tested in randomized studies.

Marie-Emilie Raes
participated to the development of the Parental Burnout Inventory, as well as the specificity and risk factors of parental burnout. She currently spends her time in private practice and manages the site .

Maday Valdes-Pacheco
is interested in epistemological issues in the study of parental burnout. But she is also interested in cross-cultural variations of parental burnout: Does it exist in all cultures? Are the risk factors the same in all cultures? What are the macrosocial factors at work in the occurrence and prevalence of parental burnout?

Alicia Goodman
is interested in how parental burnout is influenced by expectations related to parenthood, parental perfectionism and the development of parental identity. It examines these issues through clinical case studies and longitudinal studies.