Valérie Broers (previous members)


Valérie Broers, PhD at the Université Catholique de Louvain, working on the Food4Gut project. She obtained her Bachelor Social Psychology and Research Master Social and Health Psychology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Her master thesis focused on self-regulation failure in the form of bedtime procrastination. Her current project involves both public health and psychological aspects. The Food4Gut is a multidisciplinary project that focuses on the impact of “prebiotics” vegetables rich in Inulin-type fructans targeting the intestinal micro biota. The public health aspect aims to strengthen the behavioural epidemiological database of food behaviour in Wallonia. The psychological aspect aims to implement interventions to increase prebiotic vegetable choice with the help of nudging.

Keywords: food choice, nudging, self-regulation


  • Broers, V. J., De Breucker, C., Van den Broucke, S., & Luminet, O. (2017). A systematic review and meta-analysis of the effectiveness of nudging to increase fruit and vegetable choice. The European Journal of Public Health, 27(5), 912-920.