Standard Seahorse kits

Bruxelles Woluwe


Costs of the kits have been discussed with the supplier and include a significant discount on catalog prices.

Academic prices excl. tax (TVA-BTW may apply differently for UCL and non-UCL users):

Glycolysis stress and Fuel Flex kits: 163 €/kit

Mito stress kit: 109 €/kit

XF96 4-port microplates alone: 89 €/plate (cell plate + cartridge + calibrant)

+ hourly fee = 25 EUR/h

It is mandatory to book the Seahorse analyzer for 3 hours if an experiment using a commercial kit is programmed (in adequation with standard protocols).

Non-academic prices: to be negotiated.

PS: Reservations can not be cancelled from less than 16 hours away from the fixed schedule; users will be fully charged if this rule is not respected.