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CTMA Bruxelles Woluwe


R&D Matrix Civilian-Military Joint contribution


To mutualize the benefits and resources, all the research activities of CTMA are integrated into a single and global R&D matrix which interconnects together each project in terms of technologies, expertise and know-how. Financial support is obtained from the Belgian Defense as well as from the Brussels (Innoviris) and Walloon (BioWin, WBHealth, and Marshall Plan) regions, and from federal (BELSPO) and international (EC, EDA and ESA) organisms.

The figure shows the strong interrelationship of the whole research activity of CTMA and the link with national and international organizations (for funding and cooperation).

Belgian Defense Research Program

CTMA/DLD-Bio research studies within the frame of the Belgian Defense Research Program


Euphresco is a network of organisations funding research projects and coordinating national research in the phytosanitary area. The overall goal of Euphresco is to support coordination and...

Research within the frame of the European Space Agency (ESA)

B-LiFE - Biological Light Fieldable Laboratory for Emergencies –

EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

Funded projects in the EU HORIZON 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

Walloon Region R&D Programme

Walloon Region (RW), Regional R&D Programme (WALLEO3, Biowin, WALinnov)