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R&D Matrix - CTMA Funding and Interactions with National European and International Stakeholders in the Field of Security, Health, Civ-Mil cooperation


To mutualize the benefits and resources, all the research activities of CTMA are integrated into a single and global R&D matrix (Figure) which interconnects together each project in terms of technologies, expertise and know-how. Financial support is obtained from the Brussels (Innoviris, WBI) and Walloon (WALLInov, WAL2WIN) regions, and from federal (BELSPO) and international (EC, EDA and ESA) organisms.  The R&D matrix shows the strong interrelationship of the whole research activity of CTMA and the link with national and international organizations (for funding and cooperation).

Wheareas novel therapeutics developments encompass bacteriocins camelids immunoglobulins, neutralization AB and UVC-High energy (laser excimer), new rapid diagnostic tols focus on isothermal amplification, miltiplex immunochromatographic lateral flow assay and third generation sequencing for a better detection and protection against known and unknown biological agents.

CTMA is also continuously developing new methods for monitoring the quality of inactivaton and decontamination procdures such as those used under operational field conditions when deploying the B-LIFE laboratory.

All these tools are designed to meet the constraints of use in the EU-certified deployable box-based laboratory B-LIFE (Biological Light Fieldable Laboratory for Emergencies) developed by CTMA for national and international missions justified by major CBRN or public health crisis.  B-LIFE is a part of the European box-based laboratory network coordinated by the Robert Koch Institute and supported by WHO and the European Commission.


Euphresco is a network of organisations funding research projects and coordinating national research in the phytosanitary area. The overall goal of Euphresco is to support coordination and...

EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

Funded projects in the EU HORIZON 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

Walloon Region R&D Programme

Walloon Region (RW), Regional R&D Programme (WALLEO3, Biowin, WALinnov)


Sustaining the capacity to detect diarrheal infectious diseases: focus on reducing morbidity and mortality due to cholera in South Kivu Province (Democratic Republic of Congo).