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Post-doctoral fellowship – UCLouvain/IREC/CARD-MORF

The Morphology and Cardiology research groups of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Research of the UCLouvain are currently looking for a post-doctoral fellow.

Subject: Tissue engineering: optimization of the recellularization of decellularized matrices

Organs and body parts (e.g. face, limbs, trunk) are made of composite tissues, which are organized in assembled tissue layers (e.g. skin, fat, muscle and cartilage for the ear), each structured by its extracellular matrix (ECM) that provides physical and biochemical cellular support. Tissue Engineering (TE) of composite tissues is a subfield of Regenerative Medicine, in which regeneration of a damaged organ or body part is envisioned through the manufacturing of TE constructs: i.e. native or synthetic scaffolds seeded with cells. TE therefore offers a great alternative to immunosuppression-dependent allotransplantation of organs.

In previous research, we have developed decellularized composite tissue matrices, particularly in the facial region. Decellularization eliminates the immunogenicity of the ECM matrices. For each of these ECM matrices, we first defined the vascular pedicle, i.e. the vascular bed of a specific 3D tissue unit, and this vascular pedicle allowed the decellularization of the entire composite matrix by perfusion using a bioreactor. Preservation of the vascular pedicle is also crucial for subsequent recolonization of the composite matrix with cells.

The aim of this postdoc project is to define the best way to recellularize each ECM matrix through its vascular pedicle. For this purpose, bioreactor technology should be considered and evaluated. This bioreactor processing, together with the choice of the appropriate cells (single or co-cultures), should provide a solution to remaining challenges, such as cell viability, cell interaction with the matrix and cell differentiation. The ultimate goal of this postdoc project is to contribute to the development of viable functional units of organs or composite tissues.

Since this postdoc project fits within a larger, highly interdisciplinary, project on regenerative medicine (RM2A), the candidate will also be asked to participate in the management of this project.

Funding: Fondation Saint-Luc - grant

Starting date: 21/03/2020, duration 1 year (renewable)


The candidate will join our interdisciplinary research team and should have:

  • A PhD in medical/biomedical/pharmaceutical sciences or biomedical engineering

  • A strong expertise in cell biology; experience in regenerative medicine and/or bioreactor technology is a strong advantage

  • The capacity to act independently and rigorously, within an interdisciplinary environment, and to take initiatives

  • Preferentially already experience in project management, or at least a great interest in this

  • Good communication skills in English, both spoken and written


Institute of Clinical and Experimental Research– CARD– UCLouvain

Avenue Hippocrate 55/B1.55.05
1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Please address application, including curriculum vitae, statements of research interests, a brief description of career goals, and the names and contact information of two references to:

Professors Benoît Lengelé, Catherine Behets and Luc Bertrand

E-mail :,,