Chaire de la Vallée Poussin 2014


Le titulaire de la Chaire 2014 est le professeur Yves Benoist (Orsay). Dans ce cadre, il présentera un mini-cours intitulé "Discrete subgroups of SL(3, R)" qui se tiendra à l'institut du 19 au 23 mai 2014. La leçon inaugurale est accessible à un large public.


Professeur Yves BENOIST (Orsay)

"Discrete subgroups of SL(3,R)"


Discrete subgroups of SL(2,R) were first studied in the nineteenth century by Fuchs, Klein, Schottky and Poincaré. They form nowadays a classical topic which has deep interactions with number theory, differential geometry, complex analysis, dynamical systems and probability theory.

In this course, we will focus on discrete subgroups of SL(3,R) and we will see that they have also nice interactions with the same five topics. This course will be composed of five independent lectures, each one emphasizing one of these interactions.


Lundi 19 mai à 16h30
Inaugural Lecture (followed by a reception)
"Discrete and triangular subgroups of SL(3,R)"

Mardi 20 mai à 15h
Lecture 2.
"Limit sets of discrete subgroups of SL(3,R)"

Mercredi 21 mai à 15h
Lecture 3.
"Subgroups of SL(3,R) and cubic differentials"

Jeudi 22 mai à 15h
Lecture 4.
"Actions of subgroups of SL(3,Z) on the torus"

Vendredi 23 mai à 11h
Lecture 5.
"Product of random matrices in SL(3,R)"