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IRSS Newsletter- Spring 2019

Welcome to the new IRSS newsletter!
Here, you can learn about what's happening at the Institute, as well as sharing your news with colleagues. We plan to send updates quarterly, starting with Spring 2019. We hope you enjoy!

This year has been a busy one, with IRSS members publishing a total of 20 papers already (Media). There are even new projects on the horizon, as well as new IRSS members- see News to learn more!

Upcoming Events

Doctoral Seminars
May 7 Approche systémique pour la gouvernance des systèmes de santé: Un changement de paradigme est-il possible avec un MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)? Charlotte Fyon
May 14 Motivation to do research: Are there so many differences between future family physicians and other specialties? Louis Van Maele
May 21 Private advocacy: socio-economic inequalities and smoking among adolescents: the role of social network and educational systems Pierre-Olivier Robert


UCLouvain Events
May 8 Journal Club of geriatrics and gerontology (G&G) More information here
May 21 Promoting Healthy Aging: Interdisciplinary perspectives Register here before May 10th


The results of the SILNE project on smoking among teenagers in Namur are out! Read about it


Congratulations to CRED for their new project, SCORCH, funded by DG-ECHO! 
  • This project will focus on improving heatwave preparedness in EU Neighbourhood countries- specifically Tunisia, Israel and Georgia. The project will be conducted two-fold: 1) by collecting and analysing good practice examples of heatwave plans in Europe; and 2) by assessing the heat knowledge and vulnerability in local populations by carrying out surveys. This is expected to lead to targeted information that will provide input for heatwave plans in these countries. The project started in February, for a period of two years.
Jean Macq, Sophie Thunus, Thérèse Van Durme , Lucia Alvarez Irusta, Teunisje Adriana Haakma and Carole Walker have been busy with events and workshops!
  • They recently attended the International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC19). Great work to Thérèse, Lucia, Tinneke, and Carol on their oral presentations!
  •  They also organized an "auditoir maison" with the “Chair multidisciplinaire de première ligne – soins primaire” for a “matinée de réflexion sur la territorialisation” with interventions from Flanders, Quebec, Switzerland and France. Around 90 people (from SPF, INAMI, AVIQ, mutualities, SISD, RML, projects inetgreo, etc) attended this event.

New Members Spotlight

Welcome Sandy!

Sandy Tubeuf joined UCLouvain-IRSS as Professor of Health Economics in September 2018 but only started her new position  in January 2019 after a two-month trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Prior to UCLouvain, Sandy was at the University of Leeds in the UK for 10 years in a health economics unit. She holds a PhD from Aix-Marseille School of Economics (GREQAM) and completed her postdoctoral research at the University of York.
She hopes to set up a team of health economists in IRSS with PhD and postdoctoral students. She has worked in health economics and applied health research, as well as labour and education economics; she has an interest in using quantitative methods to evaluate public policies. Her office is on the 4th floor (415).

Already, she has been busy connecting with economists in Belgium! She recently presented at the UCLouvain Economics Seminar (28th February) and the University of Antwerp Department of Economics seminars (24th April).

We also welcome...

  • Hugues DUSAUSOIT (équipe Olivier Schmitz)
  • Adriana Teunisje HAAKMA (équipe Jean Macq)
  • Théophile PITSAER (RESO)
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Don't forget to keep up with your colleagues latest publications from IRSShere!
This month, check out the video with Isabelle Aujoulat speaking about the "methodological and ethical aspects involved in participatory research for design, implementation and evaluation of health care and health promotion innovations."

Vacancies and Calls

  • IRSS is offering Ph.D. positions on parental burnout starting September 1, 2019
    • 3 ​​Ph.D. positions in Psychology, 1 Ph.D. position in Public Health and 1 Ph.D. position in History- more information


  •  The Department of Public Health Sciences of the University of Liège is recruiting 1 full-time or half-time researcher (following profile) for a 5-year term (from 1 April 2019)- more information


  • The Department of Public Health Sciences of the University of Liège is recruiting 1 full-time researcher for a term of 14 months (from 15 April 2019)- more information


  • IRSS is looking for a researcher candidate for a research project on the evaluation of health care policies in Belgium- more information 


  • The Objectif Sciences International NGO  organizes scientific holidays for adults, families, teens and children within the framework of its mission of science education. They are recruiting 40 new employees, with no age limit and more than 15 different specialties in several EU countries, and in several languages- more information.
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