Radical Embodied Cognition : past, present and future


09 décembre 2020

15h00 - 17h00


The CEFISES Center is pleased to announce the fourth session of the Life & Cognition seminar series in 2020/2021.

Our invited speaker will be prof. Erik Myin, Centre  for Philosophical Psychology, Department of Philosophy, Universiteit Antwerpen.

Title: Radical Embodied Cognition : past, present and future

Abstract: I will present the Radical Enactive or Embodied Cognition view which Dan Hutto and I have defended in our 2013 book “Radicalizing Enactivism” and subsequent publications. According to REC, much of cognition is contentless or devoid of representational content. Some cognition is content-involving, but such requires a setting of specialized truth-telling practices. I’ll sketch REC and its original motivation, trace its subsequent development and try to foresee where it might go next.


Life and cognition seminar series 4 with prof. Erik Myin, Antwerp


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