Publications CESPOL de 2018


Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

1. Chiru, Mihail; Toka, Gabor; Popescu, Marina. Manufacturing tolerance? Political discourse, electoral campaigns and the expression of inclusive, pro-minority views.

2. Versailles, Alban; Van Ingelgom, Virginie. How Can National Political Parties (de)Politicise European Integration ?.

3. Vila-Henninger, Luis Antonio; Van Ingelgom, Virginie; Dupuy, Claire. Neoliberalism and Democratic Disaffection in France and the UK: A Series of Natural Experiments.

4. Versailles, Alban; Van Ingelgom, Virginie. Explaining Public Support for the Euro.

5. Le Corre Juratic, Morgan; Versailles, Alban. Party Polarization on the European Integration Issue.

6. Versailles, Alban. The (de)Politicizing Behaviour of National Political Parties on European Integration.

7. Versailles, Alban. The (de)Politicizing Behaviour of National Political Parties on European Integration.

8. Dupuy, Claire; Bussi, Margherita. Bringing citizens back in the analysis of policy change. Unleashing the explanatory power of policy design.

9. Caprioli, Mauro Ugo; Versailles, Alban. Populist leadership and charismatic following. An empirical analysis of social media interactions between leader and followers..

10. Versailles, Alban. The (de)Politicizing Communication of National Political Parties on European Integration.

11. Leloup, Fabienne. European Cross-Border Cooperation : Process of Governance and Public Action.

12. Leloup, Fabienne. De la gouvernance dans la coopération transfrontalière en matière de santé?.

13. Leloup, Fabienne; Considère, Sophie. Frontières ouvertes.

14. Leloup, Fabienne. La coopération transfrontalière européenne en matière de santé.

15. Pennetreau, Damien. Citizens' Discourses and Media Coverage: Is the Polish Plumber nothing but a Discursive Tool?.

16. Leloup, Fabienne. Frontières transformées, territoires recomposés, gouvernance : vers quel développement ?.

17. Rakotoarijaona, Narindra Hajatiana; Leloup, Fabienne. Mise en œuvre de la Politique Nationale de l’Environnement (PNE) de 2010 et de la Politique Nationale pour le Développement Durable (PNEDD) de 2015 : entre politique et réalité. Cas de la commune rurale de Tolongoina à Madagascar.

18. Bottin, Jehan. From buffers to lever for action: the democratic roles of public servants involved in deliberative processes.

19. Caprioli, Mauro Ugo; Versailles, Alban. Populist leadership 2.0 : a mixed methods approach to Theo Francken’s discourse and his relationship with followers in the era of social media.

20. Caprioli, Mauro Ugo; Versailles, Alban. Populist leadership and charismatic following. An empirical analysis of social media interactions between leader and followers..

21. Chiru, Mihail; De Winter, Lieven; Vandeleene, Audrey. Revisiting the role of individual and party level factors for candidate selection decentralization and inclusiveness.

22. De Winter, Lieven; Gomez-Reino Cachafeiro, Magarita; Lynch Peter. Fifty Years of Comparative Analyses of Ethnoregionalist Parties: What Have We Learned?,.

23. Jacquet, Vincent; van der Does, Ramon. Should we care about small-scale deliberation? A systematic literature review of minipublic consequences.

24. Biard, Benjamin. The direct and indirect policy influence of radical right populist parties: the Swiss SVP and the French FN in a comparative perspective.

25. De Winter, Lieven; Dumont, Patrick. Belgium: a bargaining setting from highly constrained complexity towards near-chaos.

26. Jacquet, Vincent; Reuchamps, Min; Schiffino, Nathalie. “Union sacrée ou union forcée ? Les parlementaires belges face à l’impératif délibératif : postures élitiste, corporatiste et hybride.

27. Randour, François; Vandeleene, Audrey; Perrez, Julien; Reuchamps, Min. 50 years of Belgian federalism A longitudinal analysis of political discourse across six State reforms.

28. Niessen, Christoph; Reuchamps, Min; Dejan, Stjepanovic; Dodeigne, Jérémy; Habra, Augustin. When Dyadic Federations Fall Apart and When they Remain Together: a Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Bipolar Federalism around the World.

29. Legein, Thomas; Vandeleene, Audrey; Randour, François; Heyvaert, Pauline; Perrez, Julien; Reuchamps, Min. Framing the Basic Income: An experimental study on the framing impact of metaphors on the opinion formation process.

30. Randour, François; Vandeleene, Audrey; Perrez, Julien; Reuchamps, Min. 50 years of Belgian federalism: Analyzing political discourse across six State reforms.

31. Perrez, Julien; Randour, François; Reuchamps, Min. On the representativeness of political corpora in linguistic research.

32. Jacquet, Vincent; Niessen, Christoph; Reuchamps, Min. Should Sortition Be Introduced in Parliament? A first empirical analysis of what Belgian citizens and parliamentarians think.

33. Randour, François; Vandeleene, Audrey; Perrez, Julien; Reuchamps, Min. The use of metaphors in television debates: a case study of ‘(love) relationship’ metaphors on Belgian federalism.

34. Perrez, Julien; Randour, François; Dodeigne, Jérémy; Reuchamps, Min. The Belgian Tetris 3.0: how metaphors can differently influence the Flemish and Francophone political minds.

35. Vrydagh, Julien; Devillers, Sophie; Reuchamps, Min. Coupling mini-publics to collaborative governance: the case of the Education Reform in the Belgian French Speaking Community.

36. Biard, Benjamin. Quelle influence pour les partis populistes de droite radicale sur la fabrique des politiques publiques?.

37. Biard, Benjamin. Do measures of militant democracy contribute to reduce the policy influence of radical right populist parties?.

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39. Chiru, Mihail. Electoral incentives and legislator-constituency linkages in supra-national contexts.

40. Pennetreau, Damien. Causal Narrative Frames: A Discursive Tool to Justify Solutions?.

Book Chapters

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