International Workshop | Resonance: the Concept's Political Uses and Potential


12 septembre 2023

13 septembre 2023

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gratuit, mais inscription obligatoire

Collège Thomas More | salle Jean Dabin

Place Montesquieu 2, Louvain-la-Neuve

Ce colloque international, organisé par Olivier Struelens, Nicolas Cuneen  et Amël Maskens,  se tiendra en anglais. L’entrée est libre mais l’inscription en ligne est obligatoire. Il y sera discuté des implications politiques de la théorie de la résonance de Hartmut Rosa.


The concept of resonance, introduced in Hartmut Rosa’s 2016 book and enriched through a series of subsequent publications, constitutes the centerpiece of both a novel sociological theory and an important step forward in contemporary critical theory.
Indeed, Rosa’s ambitious project is both descriptive and normative, simultaneously offering a fresh conceptual apparatus for future sociological research and strikingly innovative tools for renewing the critical tradition in social philosophy.
In this workshop, we seek to explore the opportunities and challenges surrounding the potential political uses of resonance.
We discuss the concept’s capacity as a collective action frame, the context and scales at which it might have particularly strong analytical purchase and the possible limits of resonance when it comes to understanding and shaping the political field stricto sensu.


► 12 September 2023, 14:00-17:30: The Roots and Normative Foundations of Resonance

Chair: Olivier STRUELENS (University of Louvain)

14:00: Workshop Welcome

14:15: Opening remarks by Olivier DE SCHUTTER (University of Louvain) : "Resonance and Politics: the Enabling State"

14:45: Frederic VANDENBERGHE (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro/Max Weber Kolleg) : "Reconnect Resonance to Reason"

15:15: Discussion

15:45: Coffee Break

Chair: Amaël MASKENS (University of Louvain)

16:00: Bert VAN DEN BERGH (The Hague University of Applied Sciences): "Still Haunted by Adorno’s Spirit? On Rosa’s Unbudded Concept of Deep Resonance"

16:30: Ole HÖFFKEN (Heidelberg University): "The Sociopolitical Potentials of Combining Resonance Theory with an Evolutionary-Anthropological Perspective"

17:00: Discussion

17:30: End of Day One

► 13 September 2023,  9:00-12:45: Resonance Grounded: Exploring the Fields of the Concept

9:00: Workshop Welcome

♦ Session 1: Educational and Artistic Politics of Resonance
   Chair: Amaël MASKENS (University of Louvain)

9:15: Nicolas CUNEEN (University of Louvain): "Resonance as a conceptual lever for transforming educational practices and institutions"

9:45: Jean-Baptiste GHINS (University of Louvain): "Hartmut Rosa’s Aesthetic of the Everyday. Can the Concept of “Resonance” Provide Aesthetic Marxism with a Political Outcome?"

10:15: Discussion

10:45: Coffee Break

♦ Session 2: Resonance in a Conflictual World
   Chair: Olivier STRUELENS (University of Louvain)

11h: Olivier VOIROL (University of Lausanne): "Struggle for the World in the Public Sphere"

11h30: Gauthier SIMON (University of Bordeaux): “Ecological Conversion” as a Sub-Concept of Resonance in Political Science"

12:00: Discussion

12:20: Concluding remarks by Jean DE MUNCK (University of Louvain): "Beyond Ressources: Capabilities, Responsability or Resonance?"

12:45: Wrap-up and end of the workshop.