Jean-Philippe Jasienski, Arch.Eng.


Jean-Philippe Jasienski graduated as an engineer architect from UCL, having undertaken a six-month exchange programme at the Universidad del Bío-Bío in Concepción, Chile. He currently works part-time at the LOCI faculty (UCL’s architecture department) as a research and teaching assistant. He has been working on a PhD in the Structure & Technologies research unit since 2012 with Prof. D. Zastavni, Prof. S. Huerta, Prof. L. Ney and C. Fivet. His PhD examines an extension of graphic statics to the third dimension, starting from a purely geometrical approach, which would allow a simultaneous conception of structure and space and produce new typologies of 3D structures. Jean-Philippe also teaches in architecture studios. Alongside his research and educational practice, he works at ARJM, a Brussels-based architecture and urbanism office.
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