Maryam Jafari, Arch.


Maryam Jafari graduated from a master's program in the field of architectural technology-digital from Tabriz art university, Iran. During her master's and afterward, she was an active member of (IARTech), an organization dedicated to the advancement of modern arts, architecture, technology, and sciences. During her time at IARTech, she conducted workshops on lightweight structures (reciprocal and scissors structures), exhibitions, grasshopper plugin courses, lectures, and building scale models. In 2020, she co- authored a book on “architecture and the digital revolution”.

Maryam won the FNRS/ASP scholarship and joined Prof. Denis Zastavni's Structure & Technologies research unit in October 2021. Her research topic is "Comparative digital design strategies for structural systems of mid-rise buildings (50-200 m height)"; in the view of building as materials stock from expert environmental impact assessment.

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