CECL team


Contact: cecl@uclouvain.be


Team members

Laura Aguiar de Souza Penha Marion

PhD student

Research interests: corpus-based contrastive and translation studies; translation process research; expertise studies; directionality


Yves Bestgen

F.R.S.-F.N.R.S research associate

Research interests: Development of techniques for automatic text analysis: automatic essay grading, opinion mining, collocation extraction; statistics for linguistics


Basma Bouziri

PhD student

Research interests: ELT; EAP; Corpus linguistics; Discourse analysis 



Amélie Bulon

PhD student

Research interests: second language acquisition; CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning; learner corpora; phraseology




Natacha Buntinx

PhD student

Research interests: Writing processes; English for Academic Purposes (EAP); second language acquisition; multilingualism; psycholinguistics; sociolinguistics


Sylvie De Cock

Professor of English language, linguistics and business English

Research interests: Spoken (and written) learner corpora; phraseology; English for Specific Purposes (business English)


Tanguy Dubois

PhD student

Research interests: Second language acquisition and multilingualism, linguistic alternations, inter- and intra-individual language change, factors of processing complexity and (processing-related) language universals



Amandine Dumont

Scientific collaborator

Research interests: Analysis of learner speech; fluency and disfluency; corpus linguistics


Maïté Dupont

Scientific collaborator

Research interests: contrastive linguistics; translation studies; corpus linguistics; Systemic Functional Linguistics; cohesion


Caroline Gerckens

PhD student

Research interests: (longitudinal) learner corpora; phraseology; verb complementation


Gaëtanelle Gilquin

Professor of English Language and Linguistics

Research interests: analysis and comparison of New Englishes and Learner Englishes; cognitive linguistics; applied Construction Grammar; verb complementation


Sylviane Granger

Founder of the CECL; Professor Emerita and Invited Professor of English Language and Linguistics

Research interests: Analysis and applications of learner and bilingual corpora; phraseology; academic language; electronic lexicographical and pedagogical tools; corpus-based contrastive linguistics and translation studies


Isa Hendrikx

Scientific collaborator

Research interests: Second language acquisition; construction grammar; learner corpora; intensifying constructions in French, Dutch and English

Pauline Jadoulle

PhD student - Teaching assistant

Research interests: analysis and applications of learner corpora, English for Academic Purposes

Oda Kayonde

PhD student 

Research interests: The use of connectors by EFL learners: The case of English majors from the University of Burundi


Samantha Laporte

Scientific collaborator

Research interests: New Englishes; verb complementation; SLA; Construction Grammar; Valency Grammar; Corpus Pattern Analysis

Tove Larsson

Postdoctoral researcher

Research interests: analysis and applications of learner corpora; English for Academic Purposes; stance marking; lexicogrammar; syntax


Marie-Aude Lefer

Associate Professor of translation studies and English-French translation

Research interests: Corpus-based contrastive linguistics and translation studies; contrastive lexicology (esp. contrastive word-formation and phraseology); lexis in translated text; bilingual lexicography; computer-aided translation (CAT) tools


Tim Marchand

PhD student

Research interests: corpus linguistics; learner corpora; language education; computer-mediated communication; classroom language


Fanny Meunier

Professor of English language, linguistics and didactics

Research interests: second/foreign language acquisition; analysis and pedagogical applications of learner corpora; phraseology; grammar; longitudinal learner corpora; teacher training

Alice Meurice

PhD student

Research interests: professional development of L2 teachers, researcher/practitioner communities, integration of ICT within L2 teaching practices, learner enjoyment of L2 practice


Verena Möller

Scientific collaborator

Research interests: learner corpus compilation and analysis; educational environments; individual differences in language learning


Eric Nicaise

Scientific collaborator

Research interests: native-English and non-native teacher talk, implications from second-language acquisition research for the English classroom, teacher development, and phonology


Magali Paquot

F.R.S.-F.N.R.S Research associate

Research interests: analysis and applications of learner corpora; second language acquisition; crosslinguistic influence; phraseology; complexity; contrastive linguistics; English for Academic Purposes; electronic lexicography


Aurore Potalivo Richardson-Todd

PhD student - Teaching assistant

Research interests: Sociolinguistics; Language and Gender; Second Language Acquisition, Language, Gender and Education; Discourse Analysis;

Rachel Rubin

PhD student

Research interests: second language acquisition, multilingualism, computational linguistics, contact linguistics, complexity, phraseology 


Natassia Schutz

Visiting associate professor

Research interests: English for Academic Purposes (EAP); analysis and applications of academic corpora; cross-disciplinary variation; phraseology; verb patterning

Helen Swallow

Scientific collaborator

Research interests: Analysis of advanced non-native corpora ; analysis of edited text ; error tagging ; error analysis, with a particular focus on implications for language teaching in the EU institutions


Jennifer Thewissen

Scientific collaborator

Research interests: analysis of learner corpora with particular focus on the construct of accuracy; error tagging; L2 developmental research


Larry Valentin

Scientific collaborator

Research interests: blended and distance education; new technologies in foreign language teaching and learning; ESP; EAP; learner corpora




Julie Van de Vyver

PhD student – Teaching assistant

Research interests: Mobile-Assisted Language Learning; digital literacies for the teaching and learning of languages; teacher training


Nathan Vandeweerd

PhD student

Research interests: second language acquisition; formulaic language; corpus linguistics; learner corpora; lexico-grammatical complexity.



Arnaud Vincent

Scientific collaborator

Research interests: computer-assisted discourse studies; American studies; religious rhetoric; political discourse