PhD projects


 They are currently writing their PhD thesis at the Centre for English Corpus Linguistics:


Laura Aguiar de Souza Penha Marion

PhD project: Directionality and expertise in empirical translation studies: Triangulating product and process data

Supervisors: Gaëtanelle Gilquin (UCLouvain) and Marie-Aude Lefer (UCLouvain, USL-B)


Natacha Buntinx

PhD project: Negotiating Multilingual Sources for Monolingual Production: Using Mixed-methods to Scrutinize Code Glosses in Academic Writing

Supervisor: Fanny Meunier (UCLouvain)


Tanguy Dubois

PhD project: Alternation phenomena in EFL learners: Probabilistic Grammar meets Usage-based approaches to Second Language Acquisition

Supervisors: Magali Paquot (UCLouvain) and Benedikt Szmrecsanyi (KUL)


Caroline Gerckens

PhD project: The development of phraseological competence in L2 English. A longitudinal corpus-based study of high frequency verbs

Supervisors: Sylviane Granger (UCLouvain) & Ulrike Altendorf (Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany)


Pauline Jadoulle

PhD project: Distinguishing between learner vs. novice academic writing features: a crosslinguistic approach

Supervisor: Magali Paquot (UCLouvain)


Tim Marchand

PhD project: An investigation into expert and learner corpora of computer-mediated communication

Supervisor: Sylviane Granger (UCLouvain)


Aurore Potalivo Richardson-Todd

PhD project: Gender & classroom interaction: EFL classroom practices in French-speaking Belgium

Supervisor: Fanny Meunier (UCLouvain)


Rachel Rubin

PhD project: Lexicogrammatical complexity – a missing link in second language acquisition research

Supervisors: Alex Housen (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and Magali Paquot (UCLouvain)


Julie Van De Vyver

PhD project: Mobile-assisted language learning: new technologies in foreign language teaching and learning

 Supervisor: Fanny Meunier


Nate Vandeweerd

PhD project: Lexicogrammatical complexity across modes

Supervisors: Alex Housen et Magali Paquot