In March 2016, Sylviane Granger and Marie-Aude Lefer launched the Multilingual Student Translation (MUST) project, a new international project which aims to collect a large multilingual student translation corpus with rich, standardized metadata that combines insights from both Learner Corpus Research (LCR) and Corpus-Based Translation Studies (CBTS). The MUST corpus will be searchable via a web-based interface, called Hypal4MUST, a tailor-made version of the Hybrid Parallel Text Aligner (Hypal) developed by Adam Obrusnik from Masaryk University (Czech Republic). A standardized translation-oriented annotation system will be designed within the framework of the project and integrated into Hypal4MUST.

Both direct (L2 > L1) and inverse (L1 > L2) translation will be included in MUST, and there will be no restrictions on text types, genres and registers—both general and specialized language translation are welcome.

The Louvain MUST team: