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Fondation Louvain

The creation of Chairs is part of strategic choices of the University.
Alike a majority of european universities, UCL will face major challenges in the future: investing in new research domain, replace two third of the academic members, succeed in the harmonisation of studies at european level (Bologna). To guarantee the correlation between education and reality and to control its future growth, UCL encourages the creation of Chairs. Thanks to the support of Fondation Louvain, the Microsystems Chair could be started !

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Halles universitaires, place de l'Université 1
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
Tel (32 10) 47 31 26
Fax (32 10) 47 31 95
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ING 340-1813407-30
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To get associated to the development of the Microsystems Chair,  make a donation to Fondation Louvain