Mission and Expertise

Main objectives

  • the development and dissemination of knowledge at the most advanced level;
  • the development of interdisciplinary research projects;
  • the establishment of a forum for scientific exchange and cooperation at an interuniversity and international level;
  • the training of young researchers, as well as the diffusion of knowledge in the relevant professional circles, both in the private and the public sectors

LIDAM research entities share similar missions:

  • Produce high-level research, to be published in internationally highly rated peer-reviewed journals;
  • Diffuse research output worldwide through publications, seminars and conferences;
  • Stimulate interaction between existing research groups through joint projects, seminars and conferences, and internal joint research activities;
  • Strengthen our national and international network of research collaborations;
  • Supervise well-trained Ph.D. students and post-doctoral researchers;
  • Provide a high level support and common guidelines for establishing project and grant applications, locally and via national and international networks, in order to attract both public and private financial support.

Through the consulting platform SMCS, LIDAM also provides statistical and computing services to all disciplines in the three sectors of UCL (science and technology, medical sciences, and humanities).

Fields of expertise
Before presenting some statistics at the level of the Institute, here are a few examples of where some of our activities have been concentrated recently: unemployment, migration, poverty, social inequalities, technology and growth, the study of newly emerging energy markets and risks, the modeling and control of financial and actuarial risks, the reform of the pension system, the analysis of environmental questions, and the statistical modeling and analysis of complex biological systems.