* Defended theses 2014

LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Laurent Van Malderen
On the effectiveness of employer transport plans : which mobility measures influence the commuting choices of employees?
Supervisors/Promoteurs : B. Jourquin, I. Thomas

Mathieu Senelle
Measures on graphs : from similarity to density
Supervisor/Promoteur : F. Fouss

Gabriel Van Bunnen
Gérer le partage des connaissances dans l'organisation : une perspective critique par l'approche politique de la régulation sociale
Supervisors/Promoteurs : L. Taskin, E. Léonard

Thibaut Moyaert
Essays on Intraday Order Flow Dynamics and Liquiditiy Forecasting
Supervisor/Promoteur : C. D'Hondt

Benoît Detollenaere
Essays on Implicit Transaction Costs
Supervisor/Promoteur : C. D'Hondt

Alejandro Lamas Vilches
Three Models for Operations Planning in a Supply Chain Context
Supervisor/Promoteur : P. Chevalier

Anne-Lise Demortier
The Human Capital Contribution to the Company Performance : The Case of the Knowledge-intensive Firms in Luxembourg
Supervisors/promoteurs : N. Delobbe, A. Rousseau

Tanja Mlinar
Stochastic Models for Shared Production Resources in Supply Chains
Supervisor/Promoteur: P. Chevalier

Anne-Laure Bartier
New insights on consumers'perceptions of brand-induced nostalgia and its role in the formation of consumer-based brand equity
Supervisor/Promoteur: I. Schuiling