* Defended theses 2012

LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Olga Belousova  
Dispersed Corporate Entrepreneurship whitin large organizations : actors, behaviors, process
Supervisors/Promoteurs: B. Gailly

Ngô Vi Dũng  
An Institution-Based View of the Competitive Advantage of Firms in Emerging and Transition Economies: The Case of Vietnamese Exporters
Supervisors/Promoteurs: F. Janssen

Mathias Lorenz 
Energy network regulation under soft political principals and legal recourse
Supervisors/Promoteurs: P. Agrell

Géraldine Stracq 
In Search for Social Impact and Financial Viability within Social Entrepreneurial Ventures: Definitional, Contextual, and Governance Issues
Supervisors/Promoteurs: B. Fortz - F. Riane

Amélie Jacquemin 
Regulation and entrepreneurship: An antagonism to demystify?
Supervisors/Promoteurs: Y. De Cordt - F. Janssen

Sophie Bacq 
In Search for social impact and financial viability within social entrepreneurial ventures: Definitional, contextual and governance issues
Supervisor/Promoteur: F. Janssen

Yannick de Harlez de Deulin 
Three essays on the interactive use of management control systems : A survey in hospitals
Supervisor/Promoteur : Y. de Rongé

Olivier Giacomin 
Necessity and/or Opportunity Entrepreneurship: Which Impact on the Firm’s Creation?
Supervisor/Promoteur: F. Janssen