Center for Operations Research and Econometrics

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The Center for Operations Research and Econometrics (CORE) is an interdisciplinary research center of UCLouvain.

In 2010, CORE became one of the "poles" of LIDAM, a UCL Louvain research institute association researchers from four different research entities: CORE, IRES, ISBA and LFIN.

CORE follows three objectives. The first one is the development of scientific research in the fields of economics, econometrics, operations research and quantitative and economic geography. The second objective is the training of young researchers at the doctoral and postdoctoral stages of their career. The third objective is the promotion of local and international scientific exchanges and collaborations.

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Inégalité de prix, inégalités régionales...

Interview de Jean Hindriks sur Matin Première et dans le soir Inégalité de prix, inégalités régionales d'inflation selon l'âge et le revenu du ménage" Interview sur Matin Première :...

Congratulation to Ignacio Aravena

Congratulation to Ignacio Aravena (former PhD at CORE) and his team. They are winners of the ARPA - E Grid Optimization Competition. Ignacio and his team placed first among some of the best...