Thesis defences 2013


18 December 2013 - Naresh SAHA - Master of Technology
Mechanically micropatterned polyelectrolyte multilayers to control cell behavior
10 December 2013 - Zhe Annie CHENG  - Engineer
Biological multi-functionalization and surface nanopatterning of biomaterials
15 November 2013 - Nasima AFSHARIMANI - Master of Sciences
Scanning probe microscopy study of electronic properties of oligothiophenes thin films
25 October 2013 - Benoît LECOUVET - Ingénieur civil en chimie et science des matériaux
Polymer/halloysite nanocomposites. From nanoscale dispersion of untreated clay to flame retardancy of thermoplastic materials
14 October 2013  - Steve DIERICK - Master en Sciences chimiques
New N-heterocyclic carbene complexes for catalytic hydrosilylation and organometallic chemistry
11 October 2013 - Emilie VAN DEN BERGE -Master en Sciences chimiques
Development of a general and regioselective N-alkylation strategy of azoles and synthesis of original imidazole derivatives of chemical and biological interest
8 October 2013 - Marie DELCROIX - Bio-ingénieur en chimie et bio-industries
"Ionic strength and pH-dependent conformation of mixed polymer brushes for cycles of protein adsorption and desorption
4 October 2013 - Olivier BERTRAND  - Master en Sciences chimiques
Use of light to control the formation of functional nanostructures in solution
10 September 2013 - Florian SCHEVENELS  - Master en Sciences chimiques
A new reaction in heterocyclic chemistry
4 September 2013 - Benoît DRIESSCHAERT - Licencié en Sciences chimiques
Radicaux stables de type trityle en tant qu'agents de contraste pour l'imagerie moléculaire par RPE: synthèse de dérivés fonctionnalisés, élaboration de conjugués peptidiques et caractérisations physico-chimiques
30 August 2013 - Alejandro KARELOVIC - Ingénieur civil chimiste
Catalytic hydrogenation of carbon dioxide under mild reaction conditions
28 August 2013 - Guillermo AVENDANO-FRANCO - Fisico
"Charge transfer processes in atomic collisions from first principles"
26 August 2013 - YANG Yi  - Mastee degree in Science
Biofouling of metal surfaces: study of adsorbed biomolecules and prevention strategy based on a renewable copolymer layer
3 July 2013 - Fady NAHRA - Master en chimie organique et bioorganique
Study of new reactions catalysed by Copper(I) complexes: investigation of domino catalysis- and dual catalysis-type reactions
25 June 2013 - Anna MIGLIO  - Master en Sciences des Matériaux
Ab initio study of electronic and optical properties of transparent conducting acides
21 May 2013 - Marc JACQUEMIN  - Bio-ingénieur
Pd-based heterogeneous catalysts for Suzuki coupling
8 May 2013 - Amin AMIN  - Maitrise en Sciences, DEA Nanostructures et Matériaux fonctionnels
Enhanced sensitivity laser measurements of electromagnetic fields in the RF range based on heterodyne electro-optic detection using a Fabry-Pérot cavity
18 March 2013 - Alexis MERLAUD- Ingénieur
Development and use of compact instruments for tropospheric investigations based on optical spectroscopy from mobile platforms
4 March 2013 - Simon DEGAND - Bio-ingénieur en chimie et bio-industries
Design of surfaces with mechanical nano-heterogeneities for a better control of cell-material interactions
15 February 2013 - David WAROQUIERS  - Ingénieur civil en sciences des matériaux
Electronic and optical properties of crystalline and amorphous silica from first-principles
15 February 2013 - David DUMONT - Ingénieur civil chimiste
Thermoplastic as carrier for delivering carbon nanotubes and layered clay in epoxy resin for composite applications
13 February 2013 -Xavier DECLERCK - Ingénieur civil en science des matériaux
Electronic and transport properties of boron nitride and graphene-based nanostructures.
10 January 2013 - Fouad WAHOUD  - Ingénieur en physique des matériaux
Etude de la phase transitoire lors de la pulvérisation ionique des films minces de polymères