Supramolecular assembly of polymeric structures: a novel route to enhance soft materials properties Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) European Training Network

Coordinator : Evelyne van Ruymbeke (UCLouvain / BSMA)

Coordinators UCLouvain: Evelyne van Ruymbeke, Charles-André Fustin, Jean-François Gohy (BSMA)
Manager : Nicky Thrupp (BSMA)

Supramolecular polymeric assemblies represent an emerging, promising class of systems with superior versatility compared to their covalent polymeric counterparts. They offer exciting new opportunities for stimuli-responsive structures exhibiting reversible tunable properties, with applications in foodstuff, coatings, cost-efficient processes or biomedical areas. To explore their potential and define strategies for designing novel materials amenable to contemporary needs, a fundamental understanding of their very complex and diverse multiscale supramolecular structure and dynamics is needed. In this regard, a synergy of synthetic chemistry, physical experiment and modeling are necessary. The objective of SUPOLEN is to understand and tailor the structure and dynamics of supramolecular polymers based on well-defined building blocks, mainly monodisperse linear and star-like polymers. The systematic, thorough study of their behavior offers many possibilities for tailoring their organization and dynamic response.

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