Développement de batteries lithium-ion à peindre pour le stockage local et leur intégration dans le réseau global pour une gestion efficace de l’énergie électrique en Wallonie (BATWAL)

UCLouvain Coordinator : Jean-François Gohy (BSMA)

Rational energy management is at the heart of society's concerns. In this context, renewable energies have grown considerably in recent years. However, these resources depend on climatic conditions and seasons. Effective energy storage systems are therefore needed to ensure their efficient use. In recent years, electrochemical storage (and more particularly lithium-ion batteries) has become the optimal solution. In this project, an interdisciplinary network of competencies is targeted. It will be a technological platform for the development of a new type of Li-ion batteries applicable on the surface of panels and enabling the electricity producer to locally manage its production, its optimal integration in the domestic electrical network and its interfacing with the global electrical grid. From the design stage, the project will take into account the toxicity aspects linked to the production and the life cycle of these batteries.