Steps involved in a PhD

To find a doctoral position in ICTEAM, first of all you have to get the agreement of a supervisor who will oversee your work, and identify an original and innovative research topic in which you have keen interest.

Be proactive! Contact professors, PhD students or other people, ask questions, show your interest.

Attention, strict deadlines apply according to the kind of employment contract or granted scholarship. Prospective teaching assistants should apply by May, FNRS candidates by February, FRIA candidates by September. Do not wait too much once you have decided to pursue a doctorate.

  • Admission/enrolment

The first step is applying for admission to the PhD program. For all information concerning PhD enrolment, please refer to the following page :

Admission to the doctorate

Once the responsible subject-specific doctoral committee (CDD) has approved your application, you will need to enrol at the University by contacting the Enrolment Office (SIC).

  • Doctoral training

Your doctoral training programme must include at least 60 credits, although you may engage in additional training activities if they are useful for your research or your future career.

Here are the Graduate schools related to the research directions of the Institute : Graduate Schools

  • Mid-term evaluation

The mid-term evaluation (to be presented maximum two years after your admission) is a key step towards obtaining a PhD, as it will determine whether or not you are able to continue your studies.

  • Private defence

The private defence (a scientific exercise, both written and oral) is the first step towards finalizing your thesis.  Based on this, the PhD examination board will decide on the admissibility of your thesis and whether to authorize you to defend it publicly.

  • Public defence

During this public viva voce, you will present the results of your research.  Upon successful completion of this final stage in the process, the PhD examination board will grant you a doctorate from UCLouvain.  Here is the list of all ICTEAM public defences within the last four year.

(Text above inspired from PhD Training - Valo Doc Louvain)

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