8th Velux Daylight Symposium


09 October 2019


The VELUX Daylight Symposium is an internationally recognised event focusing on daylight research, education, practices and policy-making.

The 8th Daylight Symposium maintains its broad architectural agenda related to daylight, while sharing new ground-breaking research within a like-minded community.

 Clotilde Pierson will present the main results of her PhD research project:
Does the culture of an observer (with culture understood here as the climatic and environmental conditions to which the observer is acclimatized) influences her/his discomfort glare perception from daylight?

In the context of this event, Sergio Altomonte will be Scientific Expert at the Velux Daylight Academic Forum (8th October), member of the Scientific Committee at the Velux Daylight Symposium (9th October) and Session Chair at the Velux Healthy Building Day (10th October)



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