Vincent Vandenberghe

Research Projects

Currently there are no funded research projects


Journal Articles

1. Vandenberghe, Vincent. The Contribution of Educated Workers to Firms’ Efficiency Gains: The Key Role of Proximity to the ‘Local’ Frontier. In: De Economist, Vol. 166, no.3, p. 259-283 (2018). doi:10.1007/s10645-018-9322-2.

Working Papers

1. Raouf Boucekkine; Rodolphe Desbordes; Paolo Melindi-Ghidi. Education, Neopatrimonialism and Revolutions (xxx), 2020. 31 p.

2. Vandenberghe, Vincent. Ageing Calls for Shorter Full-Time Tertiary Education and Increased Continuing Education (xxx), 2020. 17 p.

3. Blasutto, Fabio. Cohabitation vs Marriage: Mating Strategies by Education in the USA (xxx), 2020. 52 p.