Compétences et acquis au terme de la formation

Digestive endosonography allows real-time exploitation of the digestive tract and surrounding structures by combining endoscopy and ultrasound with exceptional image resolution. It is a demanding technique whose learning must be rigorous and is known to be long and difficult.

In order to enable gastroenterologists and residents specializing in gastroenterology to master this technique, the Faculty of Medicine of UCLouvain Iaunches a new certificate in "Digestive endosonography".

The objective of this new training is to enable the practitioner, through a rigorous theoretical and standardized practical training, to understand the subtleties of EUS, to know its indications and limits, and to practice endosonography under the best conditions in the interest of the patient.

Au terme de ce programme, le diplômé est capable de :


  • to master the normal anatomy in linear-array and radial EUS
  • to know the diagnostic EUS indications in the mediastinal, biliary and pancreatic examination
  • to practice properly EUS-staging in digestive cancers
  • to master EUS puncture, to know and to optimize histopathologic, biological and molecular results
  • to master diagnostic EUS in pelvic floor dysfunction, anal sphincter injury and endometriosis
  • to know the techniques which improve the diagnostic EUS sensitivity (Contrast Harmonic-EUS et EUS-elastography)
  • to know the indications and the techniques in therapeutic EUS (abdominal collection drainage, biliary drainage, ablations, anastomosis, fiducial…)