The programme is organised into intensive, in-person modules and alternates between:

  • theory;
  • demonstrations, practical exercises, and out-of-class work to delve deeper into theoretical knowledge learned and confront participants with the difficulties tied to relevant and trustworthy sources;

Based on active learning, the programme is taught by lecturers from the professional world and academia.


The team organising the programme is composed of:

Steering committee

  • Dominique Lison, Full professor of toxicology at UCLouvain and academic advisor, Brussels, Belgium (Short CV)

  • Perrine Hoet, Professor of toxicology at UCLouvain, Brussels, Belgium (Short CV)

  • Philippe Hantson, Full professor of toxicology at UCLouvain and associate clinic director (critical care medicine) at the university hospital Saint-Luc, Brussels, Belgium (Short CV)

  • Violaine Verougstraete, Health, safety, and environment director at Eurometaux and guest lecturer at UCLouvain, Brussels, Belgium (Short CV)

  • Mark Martens, Consultant in preclinical development and toxicology at MMTA and secretary of BelTox, Lubbeek, Belgium (Short CV)

  • Miranda Cornet, Toxicologist at UCB and chair of BelTox, Braine-l’Alleud, Belgium (Short CV)

Lecturers in 2019

  • Tamara Vanhaecke, Professor in toxicology, University of Brussels (VUB), Brussels, Belgium (Short CV)

  • Larry Higgins, Principal scientist at Concept Life Sciences, Dundee, UK (Short CV)

  • Francesa Tencalla, toxicology and ecotoxicology consultant at ToxMinds, Brussels, Belgium (Short CV)

  • Jan Urbanus, Exposure science team leader, CONCAWE, , Brussels, Belgium (Short CV)

  • Nathalie Dom, Senior manager global chemical compliance at Johnson & Johnson , Beerse, Belgium (Short CV)

  • Philippe Vanparys, Consultant in genotoxicology at Gentoxicon, Vosselaar, Belgium (Short CV)

  • Steven Verbeckmoes, Manager REACH and Toxicology at Umicore, Belgium (Short CV)

  • Ruth Danzeisen PhD, DABT toxicologist at The Cobalt Institute, Belgium (Short CV)

  • Daniel Vetter, Senior consultant, Leader Occupational Exposure at EBRC Consulting, Germany  (Short CV)

  • Hugo Waeterschoot, REACH advisor at Eurometaux, Belgium (Short CV)

  • Frederik Verdonck, Science project manager at ARCHE Consulting, Gent, Belgium (Short CV)

  • Carol Mackie, Director of Regulatory Compliance Limited (Short CV)

  • Hanneke Stegeman, Study Director Toxicology at Charles River Laboratories (Short CV)