Earth and society : perspectives from geography

LGEO1111  2019-2020  Louvain-la-Neuve

Earth and society : perspectives from geography
4.0 credits
30.0 h + 15.0 h

Main themes
The course tackles three themes that are used to illustrate the more important geographic theories and models . The first theme concerns the use of geographic space and its measurement, the systematic principles of the environment, the evolution of ecosystems and their degradation. The second theme concerns techniques for the analysis of geographic space with respect to ecological problems. This includes theories that relate to population and natural resource use. The third theme covers the present day macro-geographical organisation of space. The course is completed by practical exercises that introduce the student to fundamental geographic tools (maps, aerial photos, satellite images, statistical data, cadastral data) as well as to field techniques.

  • 1 The course is an introduction to the analysis of geographic space. From this perspective, it comprises, in addition to the basic elements of human geography, a more ecological approach that takes account of the relationships between people and their environment.

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Evaluation methods
written examination and evaluation of practical works
Online resources
overhead transparencies written by the teachers available on moodle
  • transparents sur moodle
  • Andrew Goudie, The Human impact on the natural environment (5ième ou 6ième édition). Le livre est disponible à la BSE.
  • ouvrage de l’UNEP, One Planet Many People – Atlas of our changing environmenent, disponible en ligne
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Minor in Scientific Culture

Minor in Geography

Bachelor in Mathematics

Bachelor in Geography : General