Special issues of judicial law

liure2201  2023-2024  Louvain-la-Neuve

Special issues of judicial law
5.00 credits
30.0 h
Main themes
In view of the aims mentioned above, the course centers around three main themes: 1. A deep analysis of the role played by each protagonist in lawsuits, especially the mission that consists in applying law to the facts. This analysis presupposes a careful and never-ending study of the judicial law 'guidelines' and the due and fair process provisions, particularly the ones embedded in article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights. 2. The systematic study of controversial and recurrent questions judges and law practitioners are confronted with. 3. A critical reflection about the judge's role (rights and duties) in the legitimate state.
G. de Leval, J. van Compernolle, J.-Fr. van Drooghenbroeck, D. Mougenot, O. Caprasse, P. Moreau, H. Boularbah ,Droit judiciaire. Tome 2 : Manuel de procédure civile Bruxelles, 3 volumes, Larcier, 2021, 2600 pages: lecture d'approfondissement, tout à fait facultative.
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Master [120] in Law