cpi2mc  2017-2018  Louvain-la-Neuve

Specific Admission Requirements

Specific Admission Requirements

The special admission conditions for this programme are as follows :

Students who hold a Master or equivalent level in Psychology may join the programme of the Advanced Master inMultidisciplinary Psychotherapy. Candidates must be able to provideevidence of supervised clinical activity of at least 900 hours within the framework of a programme approved by the Advanced Joint Master or undertake to provide such evidence before the end of the programme.
As far as the prerequisites are concerned, candidates may submit a request for equivalence to the academic committee of the Advanced Joint Master programme providing they can produce evidence of a minimum of 900 hours of supervised clinical activity in the area of clinical psychology or psychiatry.

Students must enrol and pay the relevant enrolment fees in the university or academy of their choice. If students only enrol at the partner institution, they must also enrol at the Louvain Academy in the year when their degree is to be awarded. The basic Belgian university enrolment fee does not cover the additional costs of fulfilling these admission requirements.

Accessible to adults

Programme designed for holders of a 2nd cycle degree in psychology.