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H2020 Calls

Secure societies

DL: 14 November 2018 -  SECURE SOCIETIES- protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens call for proposals 2018 is opened. The core of research in this area is the development of new products to meet the needs of security practitioners. Research is not just about developing...
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Nuclear spent fuel pools: beware of evaporation!

  Spent fuel from nuclear power plants spends a certain amount of time in storage pools. Fukushima’s pools contained almost four times as much radioactive material as did the six reactors on site. During the accident, the pools came close to releasing the material into the air....
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Marine mammals: pollutants caught in the act!

  Observing the effect of pollutants on animals in their natural environment is not easy. And it’s even more complicated when they live in the ocean. The method developed by Cathy Debier’s team to collect and store living tissue for a few days will enable scientists to assess...
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Add a key to the anti-virus key ring

  To enter cells, viruses can rely on the complicity of proteins on the surface of our cells. The technique of one of these accomplices has just been unmasked by UCLouvain researchers, offering new prospects for blocking the entry of reoviruses, as well as similar viruses such as...
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Water: what are the challenges for the 21st century?

  On 26 April, UCLouvain will host a multidisciplinary symposium on water organised by the Louvain4water consortium. Scientists from the seven partner universities of the Circle U. Alliance will present their research. Water-related challenges are multidimensional and closely...
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