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H2020 Calls

Secure societies

DL: 14 November 2018 -  SECURE SOCIETIES- protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens call for proposals 2018 is opened. The core of research in this area is the development of new products to meet the needs of security practitioners. Research is not just about developing...
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When the climate shifts to an ice age

When and why does our planet go from a warm, interglacial period to an ice age? What triggers the abrupt changes typical of the end of these periods? They’re associated with a threshold in the energy the Earth receives from the Sun, our researchers have shown. When will our interglacial...
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MIT-UCLouvain: “And they had many children”

26: That’s how many projects resulted from the agreement concluded in 2011 between the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Belgium’s leading French-speaking university, UCLouvain. These research projects aim to develop new collaborations between teams with...
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Achilles heel of graphene exposed

  The advantage of graphene is that it can be used at room temperature to calibrate a wide range of measuring devices, which is a boon for industrialists and research laboratories. But the Achilles heel of the graphene quantum Hall effect, and how to remedy it, had to be...
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UCLouvain experts: a new season!

  Five new FNRS research associates will officially join the pool of scientific experts at UCLouvain at the beginning of the 2021–22 academic year. On the menu of new expertise: computational linguistics, cell communication in bone marrow, inflammation and pain, transparent...
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