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Greener connectivity
Prof. J.-P. Raskin’s innovation teaches us that deterioration of surface is needed to improve all the Radio Frequency figures of merit of silicon-based telecommunication devices. Today, 100% of the smartphones integrate this technology.

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New faculty

Welcome to Thomas Peters

We are very happy to announce that Thomas Peters has joined ICTEAM as a new faculty ! Thomas is an FNRS Research Associate in Cryptography. He...
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New faculty

Welcome to Dimitri Lederer

We are very happy to welcome Dimitri Lederer in ICTEAM as a new faculty ! Dimitri finished his PhD at UCL in 2006 under the supervision of...
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Householder Prize

Congratulations to Dr. Estelle Massart for winning the prestigious Alston S. Householder Prize (2020) for her thesis on "Data fitting on...
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