Researchers Association of the Earth & Life Institute

Are you an Earth and Life Institute researcher? If so, then this page is for you! If not, most welcome.

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What is this?

The ACELI* is the Association representing researchers of the Earth and Life Institute poles


Because the university is taking decisions at many levels. Researchers can, therefore, use ACELI to make their voice heard and to organize their visions.


ACELI is representing our rights and interests in the poles, the institute and the university councils.

It is also organizing great events.

What can I do with ACELI?

Participate through various types of events organized by

Not enough? Join our team for the coming year or suggest activities for researchers through your representatives!

New researcher to ELI institute?

More information in our Welcome Guide or contact us ( to prevent administrative pains.

* ACELI stands for: Association des Chercheurs du Earth and Life Institute.


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