Baptiste Hardy
Post-doctoral researcher

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Funding: FNRS
Supervisor(s): Juray De Wilde, Grégoire Winckelmans

Gas-solid flows are encountered in many natural and industrial phenomena. Fluidized beds are the most well known application of gas-solid reactors in the chemical industry (catalytic cracking, biomass conversion,...).
However, the simulation of such equipments at large scale is still an issue due to the tracking of billions of particles carrying the reaction while interacting with the gas flow. Eulerian-Eulerian models are currently very popular because they describe the solid phase as a continuum, hence drastically lowering the computational cost. Though, these models require closure relations for momentum, heat and mass transfer, often obtained on empirical bases.
The goal of this research is to extract closure laws from Direct Numerical Simulations at particle scale using the Immersed Boundary Method in order to provide new mesoscale models built on physical grounds.

IMMC main research direction(s):
Computational science
Fluid mechanics
Chemical engineering

reacting flows
reaction engineering
two-phase flows

Research group(s): TFL - IMAP


Recent publications

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Journal Articles

1. Hardy, Baptiste; Simonin, Olivier; De Wilde, Juray; Winckelmans, Grégoire. Simulation of the flow past random arrays of spherical particles: Microstructure-based tensor quantities as a tool to predict fluid-particle forces. In: International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Vol. 149, p. 103970 (2022). doi:10.1016/j.ijmultiphaseflow.2021.103970.

2. Hardy, Baptiste; De Wilde, Juray; Winckelmans, Grégoire. A penalization method for the simulation of weakly compressible reacting gas-particle flows with general boundary conditions. In: Computers & Fluids, Vol. 190, p. 294-307 (2019). doi:10.1016/j.compfluid.2019.06.016.

Conference Papers

1. Hardy, Baptiste; De Wilde, Juray; Winckelmans, Grégoire. A penalization method for DNS of weakly compressible reacting gas- solid flows. 2019 xxx.

2. Hardy, Baptiste; Winckelmans, Grégoire; De Wilde, Juray. A penalization method for the Direct Numerical Simulation of low-Mach reacting gas-solid flows. 2018 xxx.


1. Hardy, Baptiste. Direct numerical simulation of monodisperse fluid-particle flows : methodology, validation, and application to fixed and fluidized beds, prom. : Winckelmans, Grégoire ; De Wilde, Juray, 14/03/2022.