Benjamin Berger

Funding: Teaching Assistant
Supervisor(s): Hervé Jeanmart

is working on fixed-bed two-stage biomass gasification. He began his work doing experimental research on an experimental gasification plant named Test Gasification Plant (T.G.P.) installed at UCL. The investigations focused on parameters specific to multi stage gasification like the air ratio (distribution of air between reaction zones). The investigations included research on the use of wasted biomass as fuel for the gasification process. The main challenges of gasification stand in the destruction of impurities found in the producer gas at the outlet of the gasifier. The major part of these impurities, tars, is a residue from pyrolysis. He is thus now developing a simple numerical model to improve the prediction of the pyrolysis process taking place in the two-stage gasifier.

Research group(s): TFL
Collaborations: Xylowatt


Recent publications

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Journal Articles

1. Bhaduri, Subir; Berger, Benjamin; Pochet, Maxime; Jeanmart, Hervé; Contino, Francesco. HCCI engine operated with unscrubbed biomass syngas. In: Fuel Processing Technology, Vol. 157, p. 52-58 (2017). doi:10.1016/j.fuproc.2016.10.011.

Conference Papers

1. Berger, Benjamin; Dias, Véronique; Jeanmart, Hervé. Experimental and numerical investigation of the pyrolysis process in a two-stage fixed-bed gasifier.

2. Berger, Benjamin; Debucquois, Catherine; Raisière, Charles-Antoine; Jeanmart, Hervé. Experimental investigation of two-stage wood gasification: 36h monitoring of a 200 k Wth gasifier.

3. Debucquois, Catherine; Raisière, Charles-Antoine; Berger, Benjamin; Jeanmart, Hervé. Tar protocol applied to two-stage wood gasification.

4. Damon, Jean Philippe; Bacq, Alexandre; Berger, Benjamin; Dubois, Paul; Bourgois, Frédéric; Jeanmart, Hervé. Environmental benefits with used railway sleepers fueling Xylowatt's NOTAR Gasification technology. In: European Biomass Conference and Exhibition Proceedings, 2012, 978-88-89407-54-7. doi:10.5071/20thEUBCE2012-2BV.2.9.

5. Contino, Francesco; Berger, Benjamin; Duynslaegher, Catherine; Jeanmart, Hervé. Analysis of a Syngas HCCI Engine for CHP Biomass Gasification Facilities.

6. Berger, Benjamin; Peregrina, Carlo; Bacq, Alexandre; Saidi, Fethi; Bourgois, Frédéric; Jeanmart, Hervé. Experimental investigation of sewage sludge gasification using a two-stage fixed bed downdraft gasifier. In: Fourth International Symposium on Energy From Biomass and Waste proceedings, 2012, 978-88-6265-006-9.


1. Berger, Benjamin. Experimental and numerical investigation of a two-stage downdraft biomass gasification process, prom. : Jeanmart, Hervé, 17/08/2018.