Tim Balcaen
PhD student
Chemist, KUL, 2019

Main project: Towards a new era of ex vivo 3D virtual histology: X-ray contrast-enhancing staining agents
Funding: FRIA
Supervisor(s): Greet Kerckhofs

IMMC main research direction(s):
Biomedical engineering

contrast-enhanced computed tomography
contrast-enhanced microct
organic synthesis

Research group(s): MEED
Collaborations: Joint supervisor KUL: Prof. Wim De Borggraeve; Collaborator: Dr. Michaela Tencerova (IPHYS, Prague); Collaborator: Fabien Chauveau (BIORAN, CERMEP, Lyon)


Recent publications

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Conference Papers

1. Hoffmann, Delia; El Aazmani, Walid; Engelen, Lara; Balcaen, Tim; Vangrunderbeeck, Sarah; Kerckhofs, Greet. Virtual 3D histological analysis of soft tissues by contrast-enhanced microfocus computed tomography: screening contrast-enhancing staining agents. 2021 xxx.