Julien Carlier
Post-doctoral researcher
Ph.D at Université Paris-Saclay in 2019

Main project: Modelling and simulation of turbulent convection with intense phase change
Funding: Belgian Ministry of Energy
Supervisor(s): Miltiadis Papalexandris

I work on the modeling and programming of two-phase flow methods to study the coupled effect of the natural turbulent thermal convection at the material interface between the stored water in spent fuel pools and the air-vapor mixture of the surrounding atmosphere.

IMMC main research direction(s):
Computational science
Fluid mechanics

two-phase flows

Research group(s): TFL

Recent publications

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Journal Articles

1. Carlier, Julien; Papalexandris, Miltiadis. An efficient tracking method of evaporative and flat free surfaces for turbulent convection. In: Computers and Fluids, Vol. 257, no.-, p. 105882 (2023). doi:10.1016/j.compfluid.2023.105882.

Conference Papers

1. Carlier, Julien; Papalexandris, Miltiadis. An efficient interface-tracking method for evaporative surfaces. 2022 xxx.