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Upcoming events

The India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO): Its Physics Potentials
Tuesday 9th March, 1:00 pm
Unearthing the pattern of lepton flavour universality violation
Tuesday 16th March, 1:00 pm


When the M meets the P - Online edition 2020

Due to covid restrictions, the “When the M meets the P” event, hear “When Mathematicians Meet Physicists” will be held remotely this...
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Key achievements in gravitational waves research

The international collaborations LIGO and Virgo, the latter including several researchers from the IRMP, have announced the detection of an...
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2020 laureates of the excellence scholarship grants

The Excellence Scholarship Program of the Research Institute in Mathematics and Physics (IRMP) was established in 2016. These scholarships are...
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UCLouvain News

Math en Jeans

Le congrès 2019 se déroulera du 3 au 5 mai à l'UCLouvain, sur le campus de Louvain-La-Neuve.   Affiche de...
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Detecting dark matter: seven hints point to primordial...

  For several decades, astrophysicists have suspected the existence of so-called dark matter, constituting the bulk of all matter in...
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