Centre for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology

The UCLouvain Centre for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology (CP3) hosts research on high energy particle physics, cosmology, phenomenology and theory of the fundamental interactions. It is strong on both the experimental and theoretical fronts. The aim of the Centre is to bring together researchers in these scientific fields and to encourage collaboration. You'll find below links to the details of our main research directions and the related projects.
CP3 - Agenda

Upcoming events

Georges Lemaître Chair lecture series: Tracy Slatyer on "New prob es of dark matter physics in astrophysics and cosmology"
Monday 16th May, 10:00 am
Workshop: How to imprint the minds of the audience
Tuesday 24th May, 9:30 am
Insights into dark matter halo density profiles with machine learn ing
Tuesday 24th May, 1:00 pm

CP3 - Preprints

Latest preprints

Evaluation of Feynman integrals with arbitrary complex masses via series expansions
Armadillo, Tommaso and Bonciani, Roberto and Devoto, Simone and Rana, Narayan and Vicini, Alessandro
[Abstract] [PDF] [Local file]
Refereed paper. May 9.

Electroweak Precision Measurements in Diboson Production at CMS
Pietro Vischia
[Abstract] [PDF] [Local file]
6 pages, 5 figures. Proceedings of 32nd Rencontres de Blois, Blois (France) 2021
Contribution to proceedings. April 25.

Searches for an extended Higgs boson sector at CMS
Khawla Jaffel for the CMS Collaboration
[Local file] [Full text]
Contribution to proceedings. April 20.

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