Centre for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology


The UCL Centre for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology (CP3) hosts research on high energy particle physics, cosmology, phenomenology and theory of the fundamental interactions. It is strong on both the experimental and theoretical fronts. The aim of the Centre is to bring together researchers in these scientific fields and to encourage collaboration.

CP3 - Agenda

Upcoming events

Introducing the Chirality-Flow Formalism for Standard Model calcul ations
Tuesday 27th April, 1:00 pm
Niobium transducers for the Mario Schenberg detector and a Multi-N ested Pendula for use in interferometric detectors
Tuesday 11th May, 1:00 pm
Science case and design considerations for a high-frequency gravit ational-wave detector
Tuesday 25th May, 4:00 pm

CP3 - Preprints

Latest preprints

Distinguishing $U(1)_{L_\mu-L_{\tau}}$ from $U(1)_{L_\mu}$ as a solution for $(g-2)_\mu$ with neutrinos
D.W.P. Amaral, D.G. Cerdeño, A. Cheek, P. Foldenauer
Refereed paper. April 7.

Toward Machine Learning Optimization of Experimental Design
MODE collaboration
[Full text]
Nuclear Physics News, 31:1 (2021), 25-28
March 31.

Deformed Hopfion-Rañada Knots in ModMax Electrodynamics
Clémentine Dassy, Jan Govaerts
Refereed paper. March 31.