Centre for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology



The UCL Centre for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology (CP3) hosts research on high energy particle physics, cosmology, phenomenology and theory of the fundamental interactions. It is strong on both the experimental and theoretical fronts. The aim of the Centre is to bring together researchers in these scientific fields and to encourage collaboration.

CP3 - Agenda

Upcoming events

BND School 2019
Monday 2nd September, 9:00 am
Seminar by Jan Heisig (CP3)
Thursday 12th September, 1:00 pm
Seminar by Felix Kahlhoefer (RWTH Aachen)
Thursday 26th September, 1:00 pm

CP3 - Preprints

Latest preprints

Graviton Propagator in a 2-Parameter Family of de Sitter Breaking Gauges
D. Glavan, S.-P. Miao, T. Prokopec, R. P. Woodard
Refereed paper. August 15.

Towards a generic implementation of matrix element maximisation as a classifier in particle physics
Stefan von Buddenbrock, Olivier Mattelaer, Michael Spannowsky
to be published
Refereed paper. August 14.

A frequentist analysis of three right-handed neutrinos with GAMBIT
Chrzaszcz, Marcin and Drewes, Marco and Gonzalo, Tomas and Harz, Julia and Krishnamurthy, Suraj and Weniger, Christoph
[Abstract] [PDF]
Refereed paper. August 8.