Centre for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology



The UCL Centre for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology (CP3) hosts research on high energy particle physics, cosmology, phenomenology and theory of the fundamental interactions. It is strong on both the experimental and theoretical fronts. The aim of the Centre is to bring together researchers in these scientific fields and to encourage collaboration.

CP3 - Agenda

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Bound state formation in coannhilation scenarios of dark matter
Today at 1:00 pm
Statistics for High Energy Physics
Monday 24th June, 10:00 am
Statistics for High Energy Physics
Tuesday 25th June, 10:00 am

CP3 - Preprints

Latest preprints

Non Local Global Symmetries of a Free Scalar Field in a Bounded Domain
Iyela, Daddy Balondo and Govaerts, Jan
[Abstract] [PDF]
Submitted for publication to the Journal of Mathematical Physics
Refereed paper. June 13.

Atmospheric muons as an imaging tool
Bonechi, Lorenzo and D'Alessandro, Raffaello and Giammanco, Andrea
[Abstract] [PDF]
Invited review submitted to Reviews in Physics
Refereed paper. June 11.

Search for 2HDM neutral Higgs bosons through the H → ZA → llbb process
Alessia Saggio, Olivier Bondu, Miguel Vidal Marono, Christophe Delaere, Pieter David, Sebastien Wertz
[Full text]
Private experimental note. May 29.