Institute of Political Science Louvain-Europe (ISPOLE)

The Institute of Political Science Louvain-Europe (known by the French acronym ISPOLE) brings together researchers working on political and policy-related issues at national, European and international level from a multidisciplinary perspective and covering a wide range of topics, such as power; political identities; collective memory; political institutions, players and behaviour (voting behaviour, political participation, etc.); domestic and international conflicts; European integration; foreign policy and diplomacy; globalisation; regionalism; humanitarian aid; public policies (public a About


Vincent Engel publishes "Le désir de mémoire" by Karthala

Engel, V. (2020). Le désir de mémoire. Contre l'instrumentalisation de la mémoire de la Shoah? Paris : Karthala.  
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Political Parties Abroad : a book by T. Kernalegenn and...

Kernalegenn T., & van Haute E. (2020). Political Parties Abroad. A New Arena for Party Politics. London: Routledge.
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The e-D&LIB project explained by its coordinator:...

  In this video clip, Mohamad Amin Alomar, coordinator of the e-D&LIB project "Deliberate & Learn in Brussels" explains what this...
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