Centre for International Crisis and Conflict Studies

Welcome to the CECRI website. You will find here information on researches and activities of our center.

The Centre for International Crisis and Conflict Studies (CECRI) explores issues relating to geopolitics, foreign policy and humanitarian aid, but also studies ways of preventing or resolving conflict. Research at CECRI is mainly conducted as part of the activities of UCL’s Institute of Political Science Louvain-Europe (ISPOLE), with facilities spread across two campuses: Louvain-la-Neuve and Mons.

CECRI focuses on the analysis of conflict triggers and conflict management instruments – e.g. economic sanctions and incentives as foreign policy measures, humanitarian crises and response, and the role of memory in reconciliation processes. This analysis is combined with the empirical study of international conflicts and specific peace processes.

CECRI members teach Bachelor’s and Master’s-level courses at UCL, such as Political Science (International Relations), International Humanitarian Aid, and European Studies, within the Louvain School of Political and Social Sciences (PSAD). Teaching staff are mainly responsible for the Master’s in Political Science (International Relations), which addresses concepts such as diplomacy, foreign policy, humanitarian aid, negotiations, and conflict prevention and resolution. The Centre welcomes researchers, doctoral students and interns from all over the world.