Architecture et Climat (EN)

ARCH-CLI Louvain-La-Neuve

The research group Architecture et Climat is part of the LAB institute (Louvain research institute for Landscape, Architecture, Built environment) of UCLouvain.

Its mission is to propose and validate solutions of resilience and innovation, at the scale of the built environment, to respond to the global crises and challenges of today and tomorrow.

Based on a human-centred vision, these solutions lay at the intersection between the different disciplines and themes that can promote the transition towards a more resilient and sustainable architecture.

Our research aims to the development and application of methods and tools to analyse and sustain individual and collective comfort and well-being, the rational use of resources, and the quality and performance of the internal and external environment of buildings in their different contexts.


Our News

25 years of Sylvie Rouche

Sylvie Rouche celebrates 25 years

November 17, 1997, Sylvie Rouche joins the team of Architecture et Climat, and thus the UCL as graphics designer. November 17, 2022, the team celebrates her 25 years of presence, now at...

10 Questions on Well-Being in the Built Environment

The recent heightened awareness of the threats of infectious disease epidemics is placing a profound emphasis on the shared responsibility that preserving human well-being in our built environment...