Center for High Performance Computing and Mass Storage

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The initials “CISM” stand for “Calcul Intensif et Stockage de Masse”, or high-performance computing and mass storage. It was created in 2004 at UCL by the users of the HPC facilities coming from different Departments in the University. The CISM operates the scientific computing clusters and the scientific data storage systems installed at UCL, organizes and delivers training sessions about HPC targeted at researchers and offers consultancy and expertise in code porting, optimization, compilation, etc.


Planned maintenance from 12th to 16th of July 2021

Maintenance operations are planned during the period of July 12th to 16th. Planned operations include updating operating system packages on all servers, tuning the Slurm configuration on the...

CISM Newsletter 21.03

The topics are: SSH Gateways New GPU machines New storage server New account management application Planned maintenance operations See the details.

Next CUCISM September 6th, 2021 2pm

The next meeting of the members of the Board, CUCISM ( "Comité des Utilisateurs") is scheduled for September 6th, 2021 2pm (location will be specified). Your representative can report...