Water Territories. Design studio.

Water Territories. Design studio.

Short Project description

This design studio focuses on the eastern territory of the second ring of the Brussels region, on the border with the Flemish region, and where the hydrographic network has been heavily modified through time during the urbanization process. Through the students´ propositions -integrating the contents of the course LICAR2312 Territorial and Environmental Engineering- this laboratory looks towards the future of the Woluwe valley in order to propose climate adaptation strategies combining water management, water landscape and water ecosystem. It does so according to three main principles: creating more space for water (reopening of the hidden river, redevelopment of riverbanks, creation of multifunctional water basins); reducing water runoff (reduction of impervious surfaces, retention of water in the public or private domain); and infiltrating water wherever possible.

Funding bodies

Design studio:
Projet approfondi : architecture, ville, paysage, développement durable.

UCLouvain promotor(s)

Prof. Chiara Cavalieri
prof. Frédéric Andrieux

UCLouvain researcher(s)

Pietro Manaresi
Thaïs Delefortrie