The Status of the Teaching Profession


The status of the teaching profession: interactions between historical and new forms of segmentation
(Eds. Xavier Dumay and Katharine Burn, Oxford Series in Comparative Education, Routledge)

Book description :

Focusing on the historical development of the teaching profession, this book explores how the relationship between education and the formation of modern nation states has influenced both the status of the profession as a whole and the differential status accorded to different kinds of teachers within it.

Addressing different national and international contexts with seven distinct case studies, the book provides a comparative analysis of the long-term trajectories that illuminate the nature of teaching as a public profession, and demonstrates the variety of forms that labour markets have taken in different contexts.

Offering new and up-to-date international analysis at a critical time for the field of teacher research, when recruitment into the profession and retention are major challenges, the volume will be of interest to scholars, researchers and doctoral students engaged in teacher research and comparative and international education more broadly. Those involved with education policy and politics will also benefit from reading this volume.

Publié le 03 novembre 2022