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While burnout has been considered as a purely work-related disease until a few years ago, things are changing because excessive chronic stress "the putative cause of burnout" is not limited to work. Parenting has long been shown to be a both complex and stressful activity and important sociological changes in recent decades have further increased the pressure on parents. It has recently been confirmed that, just as enduring exposure to excessive job stress can lead to job burnout, enduring exposure to overwhelming parenting stress can lead to parental burnout. It has also been shown that these two forms of burnout are distinct entities. The Parental Burnout research lab, headed by Pr Isabelle Roskam and Pr Moïra Mikolajczak, uses varying research methods (qualitative and quantitative; cross-sectional and cross-lagged longitudinal; single cases and nationally representative samples; observational and intervention; self-reports, informant-reports and biological measures) in order to study:

  • The assessment of parental burnout
  • The antecedents of parental burnout
  • The consequences of parental burnout (for the parents, their children and their spouse)
  • The specificity of parental burnout vis-à-vis job burnout (in terms of antecedents and consequences)
  • The cross-cultural variations in the prevalence and expression of parental burnout (see
  • The treatment of parental burnout.

​Our fundamental research aims to deepen the understanding of parental burnout and to come up with a comprehensive model of the antecedents and consequences of parental burnout.

Our applied research seeks to develop evidence-based interventions methods that can complement or replace therapy (when it is not an option), such as group interventions or remote interventions (via applications, web).

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2nd International Conference on Parental Burnout

As a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many parents across the world were locked-down at home with their children during weeks. This quarantine constituted a real blessing for some parents who suddenly felt less rushed (fewer trips, less extracurricular activities, less homework to supervise, less mental workload) and had the opportunity to spend more quality time with their children. However, for other parents, especially those who had to work from home while being constantly solicited by their children, the quarantine was experienced as a very difficult time. The media put the spotlight on these parents, and the interest for parental burnout literally boomed in the public, the professionals and the media alike. The need to extend the knowledge regarding the parental burnout, an existing but previously taboo phenomenon, emerged as one of the priorities for psychological sciences (Gruber et al., 2020, American Psychologist). This International Conference is part of this endeavor and aims to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge about parental burnout. 
After the success of the first international conference on parental burnout held at UCLouvain (Belgium) on December 6 and 7, 2019, the second international conference on parental burnout will be held on May 6 and 7, 2021 in an exceptional online format in accordance with the goals of the International Investigation of Parental Burnout (IIPB) consortium, namely to share knowledge and research on parental burnout, to promote the collaborative work carried out by the IIPB consortium, to encourage exchanges between members of the IIPB consortium, and to interest other researchers from other fields in the study of parental burnout


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