Numerical Cognition in Adults Lab

Brain storming week-end in Beffe (B), June 2017

from left to right:
Nicolas Masson, Samuel Di Luca, Valérie Dormal, Michael Andres,
Laurie Geers, Mauro Pesenti, Samuel Salvaggio

We study numerical cognition in adults with the aim to define the functional components of number processing and calculation and find their neuroanatomical correlates. We use complementary methodologies integrating the functional and neuroanatomical levels of analysis: mental chronometry, functional brain imaging (fMRI), and lesional data examining the performance of brain-damaged patients or healthy adults undergoing transient interference from neurostimulation (TMS) or neuromodulation (tDCS, tRNS). We investigate how the brain processes numerical and non-numerical magnitudes, and how sensory-motor, language and/or attentional processes support the abstract meaning and the computations performed on numbers.

Arithm          Estim


Fingers          Magn


Principal Investigators : Mauro PESENTI, Michael ANDRES