Research Group on Psychology of Public Health and Aging



Research field and subjects

The Research Group on Psychology of Public Health and Aging (PHA) brings together researchers interested in the application of psychological theories, methods, and tools to patient and population health with two complementary approaches:

 1. The design, implementation, and evaluation of intervention programs and policies to support patients' self-management competences, prevent disease, and promote population health;

 2. The study of biopsychosocial pathways to healthy adult development and aging (harmonizing experimental work with data issued from large national studies to understand inter- and intraindividual patterns of change and variability in cognitive, physical, mental and social health, using a lifespan perspective).

Beyond the specific goals, the main mission is to facilitate, reinforce, and promote interdisciplinary collaborations focused on modifiable factors that contribute to healthy lives.

Keywords: health literacy, sustainable development, health promotion, healthy aging

Funding: Région de Bruxelles-Capitale (Innoviris), Coopération au développement UCLouvain, WBI


Senior members
Stephan Van Den Broucke, Stefan Agrigoroaei
Junior members
Valérie Broers, Gaëtan Devos, Jyoshma Dsouza, Sarah Fakroune, Pierre Gérain, Elise Grimm, Sandrine Roussel, Gelsomina Salvia, Jessica Vandenbosch