Research Group on Language, Brain & Cognition



Principal investigators:
Virginie Crollen, Marie-Pierre de Partz, Arnaud Szmalec, Jolijn Vanderauwera, Gilles Vannuscorps.
Valentina Vencato
Ph.D. students:
Camille Bonnet, Sophie Bouilliez, Margot Buyle, Cathy Marlair, Antoine Vandenberghe, Amélie Van Thorre.


Research field and subjects:
Our main research interests consist in understanding the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying the ability to communicate with each other using spoken and written words, numbers and gestures. To address our research questions, we use a wide range of cognitive neuroscience tools, including mental chronometry, eye movement recordings, EEG paradigms, TMS, and MRI in typical populations and in individuals with atypical sensorimotor (e.g., limb aplasia, deafness, blindness) or cognitive (e.g., dyslexia, dysgraphia, stuttering, developmental language disorder) development.

Current research themes:

  • The role of sensori-motor experience in shaping brain organization. PIs: VC and GV
  • The cognitive and neural underpinning of dyslexia, dysphasia and dyscalculia. PIs: VC, JV, AS and GV.
  • The causal mechanisms of stuttering. PIs: AS and GV
  • The cognitive and neural underpinning of our ability to interpret others’ body movements. PI: GV
  • The cognitive and neural underpinnings of oral language development and developmental language disorders: AS and JV
  • The behavioral and neural correlates of acquired language disorders (e.g., aphasia): MPdP, AS and JV.
  • Development of interventions for language and communicative disorders in aphasia. PI: MPdP
  • Visuo-spatial processes in dyscalculia, dyslexia and non-verbal learning disabilities. PIs: VC and GV.
  • Development of interventions for reading and numerical development in (a)typical populations. PIs: VC and JV.
  • The cognitive implications of bilingualism in typical and atypical populations: AS and JV.


Blindness, deafness, limb dysplasia, aphasia, numerical cognition, reading, dyscalculia, dyslexia, dysgraphia, developmental language disorder, non-verbal learning disability, development, neural correlates, aphasia, bilingualism.